LEAP is a San Diego Homeschool Conference with an appreciation for our ability to Learn, Explore, Advocate, and Play together. Our mission is to facilitate and create space for open, respectful dialogue in our diverse homeschooling community while supporting parents, students, and the San Diego homeschooling community.

leap 2021 -  feb. 20

The LEAP 2021 Homeschool Conference includes:


  • Facebook Live Conversations

  • Interviews with Experienced Homeschoolers and Experts

  • Homeschooling Vendor Presentations

  • LEAP 2021 Digital Resource Folder (for those who register)

  • Entrance into the Opportunity Drawing (for those who register)

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$5/per person per session

  • 9:15am     Morning Workshop:  Brain Science and Homeschooling

  • 11:00am   Morning Panel:  Dad Panel

  • 1:15pm     Afternoon Workshop:  Student Agency:

  • 3:00pm     Afternoon Panel:  Homeschooling Graduate Panel

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The Brain Science of Homeschooing

9:15-10:30 on Zoom

The Brain Science of Homeschooling


What we thought we knew about learning ten, twenty, or thirty years ago is being turned on its head as study after study currently shows how our brains actually approach tasks. Using contemporary research by leaders in neuroscience, psychology and education, we’ll dispel some common misconceptions about the brain and consider ways, as home educators, that we can apply this knowledge to enhance our own family’s learning journeys.

Jennifer Mercer and Teresa Draguicevich are experienced teachers and homeschooling moms.  They are both teachers in the Home Learning Community at Innovations Academy and founders of Learning Journeys Forum.  They lead workshops for parents in Positive Discipline and lead workshops at the Alternative Education Resource Organization conferences.


Empower Kids with Curiosity Questions: 

Build Agency for Learning & Life

1:15 - 2:30 on Zoom

As parents, we want our children to feel engaged, energetic, happy, and powerful in their education and their lives.  Agency, the ability to act on and affect our world, is empowering for all of us.  However, “teaching” agency is challenging because it requires the development of skills like self-awareness, voice, and the ability to effect change.  During the workshop, we will contemplate, discuss, and practice using Curiosity Questions to help build agency in our children.  Participants will come away with tools they can use to build agency and help their children guide their own learning journeys.

Jill Pearson-Keltner is an experienced teacher and homeschooling mom.  She is a teacher in the Home Learning Community at Innovations Academy and a founder of Learning Journeys Forum.  She leads workshops for parents in Positive Discipline and lead workshops at the Alternative Education Resource Organization conferences and the Digital Homeschooling Conference.




11:00 - noon on Zoom


Fathers and Male Caregivers take on many roles as homeschooling parent:  primary educator to supplementary educator to financier and more.  Listen to a moderated panel discussion and ask questions to hear male caregivers with different experiences describing their successes, challenges, and helpful tips.  You do not need to be a dad or male caregiver to join us!






Rob Caringella                  Tony Davis                    Colt Stevens    





              Daryn Mercer                   Benjamin Cornelius



3:00 - 4:00 on Zoom


As homeschooling parents, we sometimes question ourselves and the educational path we are taking with our children.  Listen to a moderated panel discussion and ask questions to hear homeschool graduates who have completed their homeschooling education and moved on to additional education and careers.  Learn about their different experiences as they describe their successes, challenges, and helpful tips.  


Aiden - Film-maker in SD and LA

Ben - Senior at U.C. Berkeley

Diego - Senior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical


Jayden - Homeschooling High School Senior

Maddie - First Year at Victoria University of   


Malayna - Homeschooling High School Junior

Natalie - Mira Mesa College

Sydney - Freshman at U.C. Davis

Sylvia - Junior at U.C. Santa Barbara

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10:40am on Facebook Live

Homeschooling when 

Parents Work Full-Time




Malia Hovey is a homeschooling mother of four who works full-time and goes to school. Join her interview on FB or IG Live to learn what tricks she has discovered over the years to do it all and stay sane in the process.

1:00pm on Facebook Live

Public School Teacher

Turned Homeschool Mom



Robyn Caringella was a public school teacher for many years.  When she had her own children, she chose to homeschool.  Join this interview on FB and IG Live to hear why she made this decision and her insights on the public school versus homeschool experience.

2:40pm on Facebook Live

Starting the Journey





Anissa and Benjamin Cornelius are parents of four children, ages 7 and under.  They work, go to school, and homeschool their children.

Listen to their story about how they have started their homeschooling journey while embracing the chaos of young children and busy lives.

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Teaching Kids About Money


We're proud to be and support locally owned small businesses.
Money Munchkids is proud to be women owned and have our products made in the USA.


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Dedicated to Celebrating and Supporting Joyful Learning through developing Student Agency, building Community, and supporting Family Education.


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