Join us for the first inclusive San Diego Homeschooling Conference on February 28 -29!  Participants will enjoy a Keynote Address by Amy Edwards, author of Lollipop Learning, on "Joyful Learning" as well as three workshops on topics such as Gameschooling, Teaching Financial Literacy, Positive Discipline, and Teaching Student Agency.


As parents, caregivers, and homeschooling educators, we are regularly "out of balance."  Treat yourself to a FREE yoga class geared towards bringing balance to our crazy lives:

Saturday March 14th at 1 - 2:30pm

10380 Spring Canyon Road in San Diego (room 704)

Jill Pearson-Keltner is a long-time classroom teacher, certified Iyengar yoga instructor, and homeschooling mom.

Recent research tells us that children are hardwired from birth to connect with others, and that children who feel a sense of connection to their community, family, and school are less likely to misbehave. To be successful, contributing members of their community, children must learn necessary social and life skills. Positive Discipline is a program developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Positive Discipline teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults.

Positive Discipline Facilitators

 Jennifer Mercer, Jill Keltner, and Teresa Draguicevich are certified Positive Discipline Parent Educators.  They have each used Positive Discipline techniques in their classrooms and families for 25 years.  They are classroom teachers, program directors, facilitators of adult workshops, and home educators of their own kids.

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