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High School Homeschool Classes



2023-24 Schedule

12:30 – 2:30 – American History
3:00 - 4:00 - 
  • SEPT-NOV:  Finding Your Path
  • FEB-MAY:  Shakespearience!
  • MAY:  Worldschooling
9:30 – 11:30 – English Language and Literature
12:30 – 2:30 –  Physics with Lab

High School Class


Academic Classes:  $325/semester

Lab Classes:  $375/semester

Explorations:  $225/semester

Worldschooling:  $125 + travel


Dimensions Charter School

Pacific Coast Academy

Cabrillo Point Academy

Class Location:

5454 Ruffin Road

San Diego CA  92123

Join us on zoom to learn more!
Thursday August 8th at 7pm
Thursday August 12th at 10am

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"Being able to learn under Jennifer and Jill has really benefitted my education in these last two years of high school!  They provide a wonderful learning environment, and we always have fun no matter what!"           ~Marlie (age 17)

"I look forward to Jen and Jill's classes every week!  They are in tune with what we want to learn, and make even the most mundane subjects interesting.  I never fell bored or lost in class.  They are my favorite teachers and gifts to a world of boring, uninspired educators."     ~Natalie (age 16)

"I CANNOT recommend Learning Journeys Forum enough. They accept (charter) funds and the classes have been life-changing for my teens. Jen & Jill have been so great with my teens, really making their transition into high school classes and a new city easier. They are astounding at accommodating different classroom needs and learning styles."                                                ~Meg (homeschooling parent)

Jill Pearson-Keltner M.Ed. and Jennifer Mercer M.Ed. are California-credentialed teachers who facilitate high school classes for small groups of homeschooled students.  We have each worked public and private schools over over 30 years, homeschooled our own children for 14 years, and worked as educational facilitators for homeschooling families for 14 years.  We know teaching and we know homeschooling.  We couldn't find what we wanted for our own kids when they were homeschooling, so we created the Learning Journeys Forum (LJF) high school classes.  Our high school classes are rigorous AND fun; they meet standards AND are student-directed; they meet individual needs AND develop group learning skills.  Over our many years of experience, we have learned that all students need respect, a voice in their education, and to have fun.  We operate non-coersive learning groups in a flipped classroom format where students complete research at home and come to class for hands-on labs and activities as well as partner and class learning, discussions, presentations, and writing.  We respect and listen to our students in order to address each of their individual needs and goals.  Our students have gone on to UC's, California State schools, private universities, community colleges, and directly to work.  We support and empower high school students as they create and follow their own learning journeys.
English Language and Literature
English literary paseo.jpg
English Language and Literature is co-designed English class.  Students work with Jill and Jennifer to choose classic and modern literature as well as various forms of writing such as creative narratives, poetry, literary analysis, personal, formal, and persuasive essays.  Together, students and facilitators co-create a curriculum that addresses student goals, interests and academic requirements.  Classes include group discussions, fun activities to improve literary analysis and writing skills, and personalized writing conferences.
United States History
This comprehensive United States History class will cover all topics in a typical UC-approved American History course.  In addition, students and facilitators will co-create a curriculum that includes deep dives into those topics and time periods of American History that students find most intriguing.  The class will include the acquisition of knowledge as well as critical thinking and communication skills.  This United States history class will give students a chance to see how the past affected the present and how students can act now to affect the future of this country.
Physics Class and Lab
This comprehensive physics class will cover all topics in a typical UC-approved syllabus.  In a flipped-classroom model, students will research assigned topics at home before meeting for once-a-week community learning.  In class students will work with classmates and have fun completing high-quality labs, demonstrations, and activities which build on their home research.  Students will be given an opportunity to choose topics they find most interesting to research more fully and share their deep-dive learning with their classmates.
Additional Class Offerings for 2023-24

Finding Your Path:  Project Wayfinder 

Project Wayfinder is a curriculum designed at Stanford to help students find their path.  During this course, students will look at their interests, passions, and place in the world.  They will learn to guide their own learning journeys, through high school and beyond.

Drama and Shakespearience! 

Play with drama through games, improv, characterizations.  Write and perform and original play.  Experience Shakespeare through deep dives into text and performance opportunities, including the San Diego Student Shakespeare Festival and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Worldschooling Opportunities 

This is a six-week course which culminates in a travel experience.  Both the study and the location will be created based on student interests.  Some possibilities include:  American Government in Washington DC, Art Study in Europe, Science Projects in Latin America.

Teen Yoga 

Teen yoga classes will include postures, breath, Indian folklore, as well as anatomy and physiology.  Jill is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with 25 years of experience teaching yoga to all ages.

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