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Educational Consulting

Joyful Journeys

Consulting Packages

Each consulting package below supports the Joyful Journey of Homeschooling.  Packages A and B help you and your children create a Learning Plan to address interests, curiosity, and need.  Continuous support adds structure to your homeschooling calendar and aids you with those challenges that invariably come up as we homeschool our children.

A: 5 One-Hour Meetings - Cost = $250

  • Family Visioning/Mind Map (1)

  • Learning Plan (2)

  • Setting routines (1)

  • Curriculum conversations (1)

B: 3 One-Hour Meetings = $150

  • Family Visioning/Mind Map (1)

  • Learning Plan (2)

C: Continuous Support

  • One Hour Weekly - $60/week

  • One Hour Bi-monthly  - $120/month

  • One Hour Monthly - $75/month

  • Stand Alone - $75/hour

Contact us below if you are interested.

Student Tutoring &

Parent Support


We understand that homeschooling doesn't always feel joyful, and sometimes we all need help to bring back Joyful Learning.

We offer one-on-one or small group tutoring for students in all subjects as well as Parent-Educator consultations.  Let us know what you need.

  • $60/hour for at least 2 sessions

  • $75/hour for stand alone sessions

Expert Workshops for Individuals & Groups

Do you have specific interests, needs, or concerns about homeschooling?  As long-time educators and learners, Jennifer, Jill, and Teresa have a great deal of knowledge, experience, research, and tools to share.  Below are some of our personal specialties and group interests, but there are others as well.  Let us know what you need!

Jennifer: Brain Science of Homeschooling
Jill: Students as Agents of their own Learning
Teresa: Belonging and Restorative Justice
Group Interests:  Mindfulness*Positive Discipline*Self-Directed Learning*Hands-on Learning*Worldschooling*and more...

A: 5 One-Hour Meetings - Cost = $300

B: 3 One-Hour Meetings = $200

C: One Hour Meeting = $100

Contact us below if you are interested.

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Journey into Homeschooling

Workshop Series

In this 4-class series, join teachers and veteran homeschool moms for hands-on experiences that will get your homeschool journey moving in the direction you want.  Each class is one hour.  

Class 1 - Finding Your Why

  • Finding Your Why

  • Family Visioning


Class 2 - Family Learning Plans

  • Parent and Student Voice

  • Scheduling the Year

Class 3 - Curriculum Conversations

  • Resources

  • Field Trips

  • Curriculum

Class 4- Homeschool Rhythms

  • Finding your routines


$100 for the entire series

$40/ individual class

Contact us below for dates and times.

For questions and scheduling, please contact us:

Thanks! Message sent.

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