Educational Consulting

Joyful Journeys

Consulting Packages

A: 5 One-Hour Meetings - Cost = $250

  • Family Visioning/Mind Map (1)

  • Learning Plan (2)

  • Setting routines (1)

  • Curriculum conversations (1)


B: 3 One-Hour Meetings = $150

  • Family Visioning/Mind Map (1)

  • Learning Plan (2)


C: Continuous Support

  • One Hour Weekly - $50/week

  • One Hour Bi-monthly  - $100/month

  • One Hour Monthly - $50/month (with contract for a minimum of 2 months)

  • Stand Alone - $75/hour

Contact us below if you are interested.

Journey into Homeschooling

Workshop Series

In this 4-class series, join teachers and veteran homeschool moms for hands-on experiences that will get your homeschool journey moving in the direction you want.  Each class is one hour.  

Class 1 - Finding Your Why

  • Finding Your Why

  • Family Visioning


Class 2 - Family Learning Plans

  • Parent and Student Voice

  • Scheduling the Year

Class 3 - Curriculum Conversations

  • Resources

  • Field Trips

  • Curriculum

Class 4- Homeschool Rhythms

  • Finding your routines


$100 for the entire series

$40/ individual class

Contact us below for dates and times.

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Parent Support Group

Meet with other parents and guardians twice a month for homeschooling support.  We will cover topics such as

  • How to juggle multiple kids/ages/curricula

  • Working on growth mindset

  • Developing homeschooling routines

  • Making sure your kids are “keeping up”

  • Making learning FUN!

  • Homeschooling without going insane

Cost: $20/month

Contact us below if you are interested.

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