Home Learning Community

at Innovations Academy



Home Learning Community

at Innovations Academy

5454 Ruffin Road

San Diego CA  92123

2-day Homeschool

Enrichment Program for K-8th

K - 1st with Teresa

2nd - 4th with Jill

5th - 8th with Jennifer

Tuesday & Thursday, 9am-3pm


We recognize that education takes many forms.  While all our families are deeply committed to homeschooling, there are many diverse philosophies of homeschooling among us.

Our Philosophy


We know children learn best when they are

  • given a voice

  • respected

  • active and engaged

  • interacting with the world around them

  • having lots of fun!

To that end, we meet twice a week for cooperative, student-directed, project-based, fun-filled Joyful Learning.


Because of this, we do not regularly address the State Common Core standards with direct instruction. That said, the kids joyfully learn a great deal that is in and beyond the standards.

Our Program


Co-Designed Learning​

Together with our students, we co-design our group learning each year.  We follow our interests, passions, and curiosity by choosing topics that interest the group.  

Social-Emotional Well-Being

Using tenets of Positive Discipline and Non-Violent Communication as well as others, we focus on the social relationships and emotional well-being of our students.

Building Community

Our goal is to build community, both a learning community with our students and a supportive community amongst our parents and families.  We hold workshops and community events to create connections.


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