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LEAP is a San Diego Homeschool Conference with an appreciation for our ability to Learn, Explore, Advocate, and Play together. Our mission is to facilitate and create space for open, respectful dialogue in our diverse homeschooling community while supporting parents, students, and the San Diego homeschooling community.

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Kids Activities

Participating Kids (5-13 years):  four classes with experienced teachers

Teens (14-18):  teen room with card tournament, board games, activities

0-4 year-olds:  need an adult caregiver for supervision, playgrounds, park, and family room available

Photography Fun! 

Say cheese! In this class, you will be using our professional cameras to learn how to become expert photographers. We will be taking pictures and exploring many different styles of photography. This is an opportunity to be creative and let your passion shine behind the lens.

Teacher:  Lexi Quezada



Animal Encounter

Biology:  Life Sciences, and Adaptations.  We’ll compare and contrast animal behavior and adaptations, and explore little-known animal facts. Pictures, props, games, and a live animal meet-and-greet are all part of the fun!

Teacher:  Mary Zanotelli



We will have explosive fun with chemistry!

Teachers:  Steph Riviera


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Join Baking for a fun day filled with creating and making delicious goodies for scratch! You will get to eat your baked goods and even take some home to share with your friends and family!

Teacher:  Emily Luscomb