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LEAP Homeschool Conference
February 17-18, 2023

Innovations Academy in Kearny Mesa
5454 Ruffin Road, San Diego CA  92123

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Learning Journeys Forum
Empowering Self-Directed Joyful Learning

Classes for High School and Middle Homeschoolers * Consulting for Families * Tutoring for Students * Positive Parenting Classes * LEAP Sponsors          

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Excel Academy is a TK-12 personalized learning public charter school, dedicated to offering families choice when it comes to their students' education.

Insta: @excel_academy Facebook: Twitter: @excelacdmy Website:

Reading Reach offers educational services including reading and spelling remediation, dyslexia intervention therapy, and homeschool microschool classes.  We use the Orton-Gillingham approach to teach reading in an individualized, structured, and multi-sensory way.  This structured literacy approach is especially helpful for individuals struggling with reading or spelling, including those with dyslexia.  Reading Reach helps empower students with literacy skills so they can reach their reading goals. We are located in Oceanside and serve North County San Diego.
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Black Wall Street the Board Game - A family fun board game built on the history and legacy of Tulsa's Black Wall Street. This game is great for ages 8+ and is a great homeschooling tool. Play Black Wall Street Academy - Our online education portal with access to live and on demand courses focused on Black History and Entrepreneurship. 


We are an online music academy! We offer online music lessons from the graduates of prestigious Berklee College of Music and the Juilliard School to homeschoolers all over the US, from complete beginners to very advanced students and from students who are only starting out to the ones who are preparing to audition for Music Schools. No matter what the goal of our student is, keeping the joy and curiosity of playing an instrument is our philosophy.  www.ozcanliacademy.com

XplorStem science education curriculum workbooks don’t just teach science facts. They teach elementary students how to problem solve and think for themselves using processes that real scientists use! Books include a hands-on science activity that uses items commonly found in the home keeping kids and parents safe. Art, puzzles and even silly science jokes reinforce learnings and appeal to different learning styles. Books were written by career Ph.D. scientists and meet all three dimensions of Next Generation Science Standards. XplorStem is a National Science Foundation funded company. Learn more at

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Chips and Salsa Logo banner - Chips & Salsa Homeschooling.png
Has anyone told you how amazing you are? Confident homeschool parents are world changers! With over 20 years of combined homeschooling experience, DeeDee and Ximena (The Chips and Salsa Ladies) understand that encouragement and community are key to building that confidence. They offer personalized coaching to help you tailor your homeschool to your family's unique needs. You can also find practical tips, ideas, inspiration, and encouragement on their YouTube channel, podcast episodes, and social media. For those new to homeschooling, their affordable and self-paced Homeschool 101 online course is the perfect starting point. Visit to learn more.
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Do take your kids on Field Trips? Do your adventures all seem to run together with you (and your kids) forgetting where you went and what you learned? Are you tired of kids staring at a blank page while trying to summarize a Field Trip? Field Trip Journals by Laena West are the answer! Created by a homeschooling mom of four, these engaging workbook style journals are filled with fun writing prompts that students love. There are four different levels covering TK-12th grade. Field Trip Journals create a work sample for every trip and a beautiful keepsake of the school year. Get yours today! Available on Amazon

Outschool_Logo_Color - Cassie Olguin.png

Whether your kid wants to conquer math, dig deep into literature, or learn about astrophysics–we've got you covered. Outschool is an online education platform that makes it easier to navigate homeschooling by taking care of the most challenging work - finding the right support so your kids can make measurable progress toward their next milestone. Nearly 8,000 families enrolled in a homeschool charter school use Outschool as part of their educational plan this year. Stop by our booth to find out how you can take your kids' learning to the next level, while making friends from across the globe!, @outschool - Instagram,,


Miniature painting and How to play Dungeon and Dragons classes

HLC Logo 2013-2014 Smalll.jpg
The Home Learning Community at Innovations Academy
A K-8th grade program that meets twice a week for project-based, co-designed, joyful learning
at Innovations Academy, 5454 Ruffin Road, San Diego CA  92123
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Learning should be fun! PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books & More) includes Kane Miller Books, Learning Wrap-Ups educational manipulatives and SmartLab Toys, maker of STEAM-based toys and games. We also offer Usborne Publishing's storybooks, reading programs, activity books, puzzles, games and more. PaperPie books and materials are a valuable complement to your curriculum and they make learning fun! Plus, many of our books have digital resource links on our website for further discovery.

Your Brand Partner, Misa Dowling, has been a lover of books since before she could read. She enjoys introducing books into homes and classrooms around San Diego, and working as an elementary English and Italian teacher. As the parent of elementary-aged children with very different approaches to learning- and to learning to read- she's seen first-hand how PaperPie products have benefited her children's academic success and fostered their love of reading for pleasure. She is excited to help you identify materials to enrich your homeschool classroom.

Color_Logo_ST - Simple Turn.png

Healthy Living Curriculum - Health Education. Our product helps equip the next generation, along with the entire family, learn how to apply health on a daily basis.  

Website: Pinterest: Facebook: Youtube: @dr.dustyandrae8612

F132E1B2-E41A-4C6C-BF4C-821865006D46 - Gail Shafer.png

Ride Pine Flow offers mountain bike lessons with on-trail instruction in Pine Valley and the Mount Laguna Recreational Area. Our MTB programs build endurance, confidence and an appreciation for nature through skills building and exploration. Mountain biking can be a life long passion that promotes a healthy life style for youths.

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Private Sports Club &
Mandate free-Education Center

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learning lab - WENDY BERTELLOTTI, M.A..png

Everyone has learning strengths and relative weaknesses. Instead of offering tutoring to support completion of school work, we deliver targeted academic and cognitive intervention, improving areas of struggle and guiding students to use their strengths in the classroom. This way, students learn how to learn!


The Learning Lab provides one-to-one programming for students with a variety of learning struggles, including:  Dyslexia* Dyscalculia * Dysgraphia * Specific Learning Disabilities * Auditory Processing Deficits * Executive Functioning Deficits * Reading Remediation * Theory of Mind * Social Pragmatic Difficulties.

Apt 4 Music Logo - Horizontal w Pillars - WHITE EDGE - Apt 4 Music Team.png

We are a nonprofit music education organization who's mission is to provide musical arts education and opportunities to those that otherwise wouldn't have access. It's our goal to transform communities globally through music-centered programs, services, and education.;;

Olivewood Logo (1) - Kelsey Pennington.jpg

Olivewood’s purpose is to build healthy families and a healthy environment. We work with children, families and adults through hands on classes in the garden and the kitchen. Our children’s programs offer a curriculum of ecological, academic and culinary lessons to build scientific literacy and environmental awareness, while encouraging students to explore the interrelationships between a quality diet, sustainable agriculture, and healthy living. Through Next Generation Science and experiential education, children explore connections between sustainable agriculture, resource use, environmental science, health and cooking, and the disciplines of history, science, art, literature, math, geography and nutrition. We offer a variety of programs for a range of ages. @olivewoodgardens on instagram

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Learning without Borders.png

Personalized Learning - Educational Therapy - Play Therapy

Parent Education & Coaching - Transitional Planning

Safe & Sound Protocol - Focus Program

with Monica Cochran

Logo-02 - Kerin Groves, PhD (Career Coach).jpg

Dr. Kerin Groves is a career development advisor serving young adults and their parents. She provides individual coaching, parent consults, group classes, workshops, and speaking engagements. Dr. Groves is also a small business consultant, entrepreneur advisor, labor market analyst, and former college professor. She is the author of "Career Exploration for K-12" parent guidance handbook and student activity workbook.   @KerinGroves

tlca logo (2) - Renee Olmeda.jpg

The Learning Choice Academy is a TK-12 Charter Homeschool serving students since 2004. As a public hybrid homeschool, TLC offers each student an individualized program that recognizes their exceptional skills, individual needs, and creative talents. We have a small, caring community that helps students thrive. Families participate in field trips, field days, assemblies, and events throughout the year. We pride ourselves on the real-world connections we offer students to explore their passions and take charge of their learning. Visit to learn more!,

Steam Train logo 2023 JKW Innovations LLC with QR.jpg

JKW Innovations specializes in delivering students a hands-on learning experience, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. We partner with most Charters throughout San Diego County so that we can bring JKW's Innovations to home-school learning! Please contact us for information on upcoming classes, workshops, camps, and tutoring!        Website: Social Media: @jkwinnovationsllc

KidCulture - logo - Feller Fam.png

KidCulture is a new educational resource that's perfect for homeschoolers interested in teaching their kids about different countries' traditions, languages, foods, and holidays. We sell 12 different Country Expedition kits--a unique combination of hands-on activities to be completed at home and authentic videos to watch from kids around the world. These kits offer kids a fun and engaging way to learn about world geography and cultures so they can grow in awareness, understanding and confidence!


Student Agency Improvers Kit

Help kids guide their own Learning Journey by teaching them the skills needed for Student Agency!  This kit includes journals, lesson plans, rubrics, a question guide, and brainstorming cards. 

LEAP is a San Diego Homeschool Conference with an appreciation for our ability to Learn, Explore, Advocate, and Play together. Our mission is to facilitate and create space for open, respectful dialogue in our diverse homeschooling community while supporting parents, students, and the San Diego homeschooling community.

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