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Changing Our World

The pandemic itself has been challenging and tragic.  However, the recent killings of African-Americans break our hearts.  In times like these, I wish we could be together in person to share our grief, fears, and frustration. When George Floyd called out to his mother, all parents were summoned to do the difficult work to make change in our world.

One of the reasons I chose to research Student Agency was a paper written by Kristen Renwick Monroe on people who helped Jews and others disenfranchised and endangered people in Nazi Germany as compared to those who were bystanders.  She had thought she was going to write a paper on altruism; however, she found that what separated the two groups was Agency.  When people knew they could effect change in their lives, they brought that awareness into their world and helped people during World War II.  This is what I want for all our children: that they develop skills of Student Agency in their education so they can bring those agency skills into our world of injustice to make important, vital changes.

I appreciate all the incredible resources being shared so that we can make changes in our hearts, in our communities, and in our world. Together, we can walk this Learning Journey.

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