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Respecting Our Learning Journeys

“Really, it’s all about respect.” ~3rd grade HLC student

A 3rd grader made this comment as we created Group Agreements in our homeschooling community. Yes. It is all about respect. Respect for children, for parents, for learning. Respect for differences, opinions, needs, process, and timing.

When all our years of experience are added up, Jennifer, Teresa, and I have been teaching for a century! That’s one hundred years of kids, parents, and learning in different contexts: public and private, charter and homeschool, wealthy and socio-economically challenged, academic and social, preschool, elementary, middle, high school, university, and adults of all ages.

In all that time, we have found that each learner is unique and each has different needs throughout their learning journey. It is important to respect the process and the circumstances of each individual learner: where they are, what they are ready for, and what they need.

While we are all unique, we are not alone. Jennifer, Teresa, and I started this forum to support learners of all ages. We believe that when we bring thoughtfulness and intention to our learning and teaching, we follow a Learning Journey that, while sometimes challenging, is exciting, inspiring, and joyful.

Joyful Learning! Jill

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