LJF High School Classes

We co-design our classes with our students to give them voice and agency in their learning because we know this makes our teens engaged, motivated, and excited about their education.    Learning Journey Forum High School classes are non-coercive while still following the a-g requirements of a rigorous academic

program.  We explore new ideas, follow

our interests, and have lots of fun

learning together!

Middle and High School Classes for Homeschoolers: 

Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, SAT prep



LJF Info Sessions

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Now meeting virtually for conversation, gaming,

community service and fun!

at Innovations Academy 

2-day K-8 Homeschooled Community based on

Student and Family Agency and  Class Co-Design


HLC Info Sessions

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Parent-Teacher-Adult Education

Workshops, Class Series, and Conferences



Classes for K-5th graders, including Parent-Child Young Authors Book Club and Hands-On Science classes


Student Agency Rubric, Improvers Guide, and Research

to Help Build Self-Directed Learners


Teacher as Bridge Builder to Create

Just, Fair, Respectful Communities


Tutoring, Consulting, Mentoring, Educational Therapy,

and Support Services for Parents and Students.


Jill Pearson-Keltner, Jennifer Mercer, and Teresa Draguicevich



Reflections on the Journey

LJF Blog Posts

Welcome to the Learning Journeys Forum!

As long-time teachers of students from preschool to university and private to public to family homeschooling, we know that learning is a journey.  On this Forum, we celebrate and support Joyful Learning through developing Student Agency, building Community, and  supporting Family Education.                                                                                                                         ~Jennifer, Jill, and Teresa


Learning Journeys Forum 

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