Join us at the Virtual

LEAP Homeschool Conference

for workshops, panels, vendors, and more!

Middle and High School Classes for Homeschoolers: 

Science, Language Arts, Social Studies, SAT prep


Now meeting virtually for conversation, gaming,

community service and fun!

at Innovations Academy 

2-day K-8 Homeschooled Community based on

Student and Family Agency and  Class Co-Design



Reflections on the Journey

LJF Blog Posts

Parent-Teacher-Adult Education

Workshops, Class Series, and Conferences



Classes for K-5th graders, including Parent-Child Young Authors Book Club and Hands-On Science classes


Student Agency Rubric, Improvers Guide, and Research

to Help Build Self-Directed Learners


Teacher as Bridge Builder to Create

Just, Fair, Respectful Communities


Tutoring, Consulting, Mentoring, Educational Therapy,

and Support Services for Parents and Students.


Jill Pearson-Keltner, Jennifer Mercer, and Teresa Draguicevich


Welcome to the Learning Journeys Forum!

As long-time teachers of students from preschool to university and private to public to family homeschooling, we know that learning is a journey.  On this Forum, we celebrate and support Joyful Learning through developing Student Agency, building Community, and  supporting Family Education.                                                                                                                         ~Jennifer, Jill, and Teresa


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