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Is your Teen
searching for their Path?

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Finding the path

An Enrichment Class for Teens to explore their interests, passions, values and place in the world, their intentions and purpose, and practice guiding their own learning and life journeys.
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We couldn't find a planner made just for Homeschooling Families.

So, we created one...

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   February 23-24, 2024    

Check It Out!
LJF Interview
on the Homeschool Advantage Podcast ~
July 15, 2023.
Welcome to Learning Journeys Forum!

As long-time teachers of students from preschool to university and private to public to family homeschooling, we know that Learning is a Journey.  We love sharing that journey with students and with their families. At Learning Journeys Forum, we celebrate and support Joyful Learning through developing Student Agency, building Community, and  supporting Family Education.               ~Jennifer, Jill, and Teresa

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Learning Journeys Forum

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